Arsenio’s Plan B: A solution to uncertainty after death

Tuloy ang pangarap kapag may Plan B! Family man Arsenio secured his family’s future by starting a Plan B with BDO Life in the form of a life insurance policy. Learn how BDO Life can help you protect your loved ones as well. See how Plan B can work for you here:

Arsenio was living a life that many Filipinos dream of—working as a successful professional in the Middle East. But like many other Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), he constantly missed his wife and children. So, with his finances permitting, he relocated his family so they could be together.

Arsenio and his family enjoyed a comfortable life overseas for nearly two decades. With his dream job, a lavish lifestyle, and a family, Arsenio was genuinely living his Plan A. As long as everything remained as is, maintaining the lifestyle he had accustomed his family to enjoy was not a problem.

Occasionally, Arsenio and his family would visit relatives in his hometown in the Philippines. During one of these vacations, Arsenio received some shocking news: financial problems had forced the company he worked for to close down. This meant that Arsenio no longer had a job. Worse, he would not receive separation or retirement pay.

Apart from a small investment, his family’s savings were limited. Because of the high cost of living in the Middle East, Arsenio and his family returned to the Philippines. Unable to cope with such developments, Arsenio’s mental and emotional state affected his health. He soon became very ill and eventually passed away. With Arsenio gone, his family, still grieving, now had to face an uncertain future.

Fortunately, Arsenio had planned for this painful yet unavoidable eventuality. A little over two years before he died, Arsenio had spoken to a Financial Advisor (FA) at the BDO branch where he kept his account. The FA emphasized that his health and job would not last forever. A life insurance policy would be an appropriate financial Plan B—a safety net for his family if anything happens to him.

This timely exchange with his FA was an eye-opener for Arsenio. He recognized how exposed to risk his family was if his financial program, his Plan A, were to be disrupted by severe illness or premature death. He clearly understood how life insurance would alleviate that risk.

He learned that paying for the premium was not a problem; it was the solution. Convinced, Arsenio purchased a fairly sizeable policy from BDO Life.

Out of the proceeds of his policy, Arsenio’s widow set up a small neighborhood bigasan (grain store) in their hometown. It will never be the same for Arsenio’s family without him. But with life insurance, things can get better. Precisely the way Arsenio envisioned it.

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