Wescom war games highlight reservists’crucial role

PUERTO PRINCESA CITY, Palawan — The Western Command (Wescom) concluded a two-day Mobilization Exercise (MOBEX) over the weekend, involving approximately 300 military reservists in Palawan and other provinces.

The exercise was designed to ensure the reservists’ readiness and capability to contribute effectively in joint military operations, Naval Forces West (NFW) commander, Commodore Allan Javier, said on Sunday afternoon at the event’s closing rites at the Wescom Headquarters’ Lawak Gymnasium in Barangay San Miguel, this city.

Javier stressed the importance of reservists’ readiness, with their upgraded invaluable skills, expertise, and experiences that are essential for national defense.

Javier explained that the MOBEX offers a chance to assess readiness, pinpoint areas of enhancement, and foster stronger connections between active duty forces and reservists.

He emphasized the significance of professionalism and teamwork, underscoring their vital roles in military operations, which the exercise seeks to demonstrate.

“In this mobilization exercise, we witnessed an opportunity to evaluate our preparedness, identify areas for improvement, and strengthen the bond between active duty forces and reservists. It showcased the integration of professionalism and teamwork that are crucial in any military operation,” Javier said.

The Philippine Navy official explained that the exercise was conducted in compliance with Republic Act 7077, otherwise known as the “Citizen Armed Forces of the Philippines Reservist Act” and had the objective of enhancing the capabilities of reservists.

Looking ahead, he said the reservists are anticipated to play a crucial role, not only in military operations but especially in humanitarian assistance and disaster response (HADR) efforts, considering the challenges presented by climate change and the expected increase in the intensity of typhoons.

In addition, Commander Ariel Joseph Coloma, Wescom spokesman, said the MOBEX’s primary objective is to bolster the readiness and operational efficiency of reservists through comprehensive training exercises and simulations.

These activities are designed to closely emulate real-world scenarios that reservists may encounter during their military service, thereby enhancing their preparedness.

He said that the exercise’s importance lies in motivating reservists to actively engage in the government’s ongoing efforts to uphold stability in the West Philippine Sea (WPS).

“We have approximately 185 individuals physically present, and we also have online participants, bringing the total to around 300,” Coloma told the media following the conclusion of MOBEX. (PNA)