Team Philippines Showcases Innovative Inventions at Thailand Inventors’ Expo

[BANGKOK, February 2024] – The Philippines proudly presented its innovative prowess on the global stage as a distinguished delegate who participated in the prestigious Thailand Inventors’ Expo. The event, which ran from the 2nd to the 6th of February 2024, brought together inventors, researchers, and industry leaders from around the world to celebrate groundbreaking advancements in various fields.

Said event is attended by Inv. RONALD P. PAGSANGHAN, Ph.D. as  Head Delegate of the Filipino Inventors Society (FIS), an 80-Year-Old inventors organization and a Full/Voting Member of the International Federation of Inventors Association (IFIA) wherein the Philippines is one of its Founding Member. Inv. Pagsanghan represented the Professional Inventors in the country.  Inv. Pagsanghan is a visionary inventor from the Philippines, the National President of the Filipino Inventors Society (FIS), representing the forefront of innovation in the Philippines as the country’s first and foremost inventors association. He is renowned for inventing the Unsinkable Porta Boat (UPB) and groundbreaking work in disaster risk reduction, with a passion for pushing boundaries and creating solutions, Inv.  Pagsanghan has consistently contributed to the advancement of technology and innovation and advocated to conquer global standing for the Filipino Inventors under the umbrella of Filipino Inventors Society.

Also present in the event as Head Delegate representing the Youth Sector is Dr. SONNY D. VALENZUELA , Principal IV of Dr. Juan G. Nolasco High School, President of Manila Young Inventors Association (MYIA) and National Secretary of Filipino Inventors Society (FIS). Dr. Valenzuela has been a global advocate of Innovation for the youth for the past 10 years, bagging several awards and achievements in the field of Innovation. 

At the helm of the FIS, is Inv. Josephine E.  Jimeno, PhD representing the FIS Women’s League, a subsidiary of FIS that aims to empower and unite women and entrepreneurs for the global market.

Collective efforts of key role players and all members compromising the Team Philippines garnered them 3 Gold, 4 Silver, and 3 bronze medals showcasing the nation’s undeniable capability to assert a competitive edge in technology on the global stage, a bona fide source of pride for the country and a reaffirmation of its nationalistic spirit.

Underscoring the nation’s prominence in the global innovation landscape highlights the ingenuity of Filipino inventors and serves as a testament to the Philippines’ active role in the global innovation ecosystem.

The Thailand Inventors’ Expo, which is observed annually, provides a unique opportunity for networking, collaboration, and knowledge exchange, fostering a spirit of innovation that transcends borders. President Ronald Pagsanghan looked forward to engaging with fellow inventors, experts, and enthusiasts, sharing insights, and exploring potential partnerships that could propel these inventions into new realms of success.