PH, Micronesia looking at enhancing tie up in maritime sector, peace and security

The Philippines and the Federated States of Micronesia are looking at strengthening their cooperation in various areas such as in the maritime sector, peace and security, people-to-people, and government-to-government partnerships.

During a meeting in Malacanang Friday with Federated States of Micronesia President Wesley W. Simina, President Marcos said, “(f)or all of us with the things that are a little bit volatile all around the world. I think it’s important that we have the strength and relations and our partnerships around the world, not only in our region but around the world. So, hopefully that would be one of our main cornerstones, our main effort between our two countries is to find a way…”

And now that the ban on new workers has been lifted, the President said it would change the dynamics and enable Filipinos to see certain things that can be done in Micronesia.

Marcos said the Philippines can provide Micronesia with the necessary workforce saying the Philippines is still feeling the effects of the pandemic and jobs are at premium.

“We are lucky in the Philippines that we have a very young workforce and they are very used to working in other countries,” Marcos told Simina.

“I am sure that they will be those who will take up the offer to live and work in Micronesia. And I think the fact that you’re not that far away is also big advantage,” the President pointed out.

For his part, Simina said Micronesia is particularly interested in policing and maintaining order that’s why he will be visiting the country’s national police academy.

Micronesia sees the Philippines’ expertise in this area and wants its police force to train with Filipino police officers.

“That’s one thing we also want to see, we [want] to be trained with yours because of your expertise in the area,” he said.

“[The] Philippine Maritime Academy, I think that’s PMMA, we also want to… we need transportation and we need people. So, we would like to reestablish our relationship with [you],” he said.

The two leaders also agreed on the importance of Philippines’ non-permanent seat in the UN Security Council particularly in calming regional situation and maintaining stability.  

“Hopefully, if we are able to present our view to the security council then I believe it will help calm the situation and hopefully make it more — we can keep the sea lanes open, we can continue to say that there’s — it is safe passage for both air and sea traffic,” President Marcos said.

“So, that is why we believe that the security council is important. Our [seat] to the security council is important not only to the Philippines but really for all of us in the Pacific region.”

Simina said he thinks Philippines’ seat in the UN Security Council would not only promote Philippines’ interest but the region as well. | PND