President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. said on Wednesday that he wants a police force not tainted with corruption and abuse of power under the Bagong Pilipinas.

During the oath-taking of the second batch of newly promoted star rank officers of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in Malacañang, the President encouraged the country’s law enforcers to lead the nation towards genuine and meaningful transformation.

“Sa Bagong Pilipinas na ating itinataguyod, walang puwang para sa hanay ng ating kapulisan ang korapsyon, pang-aabuso sa kapangyarihan, at iba pang katiwalian [at] mga ilegal na gawain,” President Marcos told the newly promoted PNP officials.

“As officials, you are responsible for ensuring that all PNP personnel uphold the highest standards of ethics, professionalism, and respect for human rights. I also expect that you will lead by example so that every officer and member under your command will adhere to these same principles,” he said.

Marcos told the newly sworn-in PNP officials that the national police can nurture a bond of mutual respect and support, where people have faith and confidence in their police force if the police maintains zero-tolerance policy for corruption and human rights abuses within the institution.

The foundation of effective law enforcement is public trust rooted in constant and open public engagement, Marcos said, stressing that the people expect to see reforms and positive changes in the PNP to make it more capable, responsive, and truly corruption-free, even amidst the current challenges.

The President advised the new police generals to prioritize dialogue, collaboration, and cooperation within the communities that they serve.

Marcos made an assurance that the national government will continue to find ways to pursue PNP modernization, vowing to also equip the police force with the latest technology, training, and resources to bolster its capabilities.

“This will enable you to contribute in maintaining peace, which is the backbone of our society’s stability and well-being. Hand in hand, let us lead our nation towards genuine and meaningful transformation,” he said.

“May this milestone in your career inspire you further to lead once more with excellence and honor as you drive the PNP towards a New Philippines that is safer, more just, and more prosperous for every Filipino.” | PND

Photo Courtesy by PCO