Innovation is the linchpin for forging a progressive, sustainable and safe future, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. said as the government launched the National Innovation Agenda and Strategy Document (NIASD) at the Manila Metropolitan Theater on Wednesday.

“Let me reiterate the importance of innovation as the transformative agent of our time. It will help us shape a future that is progressive, sustainable, and safe,” President Marcos said in his speech during the launching of the NIASD.  

The NIASD embodies the country’s 10-year vision, long-term goals, and strategies for improving innovation priority areas deemed important by the National Innovation Council (NIC).

President Marcos emphasized that the launching of the NIASD is a recognition of the Philippines’ stature as it has maintained its status as one of the innovation achievers in Southeast Asia.

“By this, we acknowledge that the Philippines has earned recognition as an innovation achiever that truly stands tall amongst our Southeast Asian peers, and as an exemplar that creates an environment of meaningful opportunities for citizens to seize and for them to flourish,” he said.

President Marcos also acknowledged stakeholders who continue to play an important role in promoting development through innovation.

“We likewise take pride in our people’s strength, resourcefulness, and resolve as they will help us develop our undeniable potential and realize comprehensive development through innovation,” the President said.

President Marcos emphasized the need to collaborate with relevant stakeholders such as the academe and other partners both locally and abroad to ensure that the government achieves its goals with the welfare of every Filipino at the center.

“These undertakings serve as catalysts to achieve our overall developmental agenda.  Your involvement will be instrumental to their success,” the chief executive said.

President Marcos also gave his assurance that the initiative will continue to have government support.

“Rest assured that we will remain supportive of your endeavors that will make these all a reality. Our government, both at the national and local levels, remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing innovation and sustainable development,” he said.

The chief executive likewise mentioned infrastructure, which he referred to as the crucible for innovation.

“We also understand the crucial role played by infrastructure development and cutting-edge facilities.  They serve as the crucible for innovation and the foundation for our glorious future,” Marcos said.

“And that is why we will remain aggressive in our drive to invest in our infrastructure system. We will likewise encourage our counterparts in the local (government) sector to pursue projects that will meet the requirements for their own localities,” he added. |PND

Photo Courtesy by PCO