PAG-ASA: March-May possibly warmest, likely up to 40°C

The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) said Tuesday the months of March, April and May this year could be very warm with temperature reaching up to 40°C in some areas of the country,

PAG-ASA Weather Services Assistant Chief Ana Solis said there is a  “possibility that March, April and May — which we call warm and dry season months — could be one of the warmest in our record, and historically, we record warmer temperatures during years with prevailing El Niño” phenomena.

In a PAGASA televised briefing, Solis said temperature in some areas, particularly in Cagayan Valley Region, could reach up to 40°C. This is apart from the high heat index or the temperature that a person feels. She added that PAGASA forecasts below-average number of tropical cyclones for this year due to El Nino.

She said that from the usual average of 19 to 20 tropical cyclones a year, only 13 to 19 are expected in 2024, two to five of which are likely in the first half of the year, while 11 to 14 tropical cyclones are possible from July to December.

Solis said Metro Manila could also experience reduced rainfall or dry spell as early as February or March. “This means that for three or five consecutive months, a 21% to 60% reduction in rainfall is likely,” she pointed out.

The onset of rainy season usually falls on the second week of May up to June 15. The chance for the country to experience La Niña is slim. “Some models suggest there’s a possibility of La Niña, but what we need to prepare for now are the impending effects of El Niño,” Solis said, adding that a “whole of nation approach is necessary.”

“Avoid wastage. Conserve water as well as electricity,” Solis stressed,  She  also urged the public to protect their health against the effects of warm weather.