Residents of Manila and other parts of the National Capital Region will soon have a portion of the northbound and southbound lanes of Roxas Boulevard car-free for their walking, jogging, running, and biking exercises on Sundays from 5 am to 9 am.

Manila Mayor Honey Lacuna signed on Monday morning of May 13, Ordinance No. 9047 to make Roxas Boulevard partly car-free and promote healthy lifestyles.

“We will make Roxas Boulevard partly car-free starting on May 26, Sunday. I personally inspected Roxas Boulevard to make sure the road will be ready for the people who will exercise. We checked for any hazards and gave instructions to make sure the road, sidewalk, bay walk, and connecting roads are cleared of hazards and garbage,” Mayor Lacuna said shortly after the City Council approved the ordinance.

She commended the Manila City Council for supporting our efforts to promote healthy lifestyles among Manileños and other Metro Manila residents.

“Special mention to Councilor Salvador Philip Lacuna for this initiative to motivate people to exercise, promote the beauty of the Manila Bay area, and support the continuing order of the Supreme Court for a healthy Manila Bay,” the Mayor added.

Mayor Lacuna said the car-free Sundays on Roxas Boulevard could encourage people to shed off some of the excess weight they gained during the pandemic while they appreciate the historical, cultural, and economic significance of Roxas Boulevard from Luneta to Quirino Avenue.

She said, “Car-Free Sundays are not new because other NCR cities have done it. But what makes ours different and stand out is that it happens on Roxas Boulevard, which has been a significant part of the history, culture, politics, and economy of the city and the country.”

“People will experience a different perspective of Roxas Boulevard. They will have more time to appreciate its beauty and significance while walking, jogging, running, and biking, instead of the sights going by like a blur while riding any vehicle,” she added.

“The concerned city hall departments will be all hands on deck and will notify the buildings, businesses, residents, and offices along Roxas Boulevard so they can participate and make the needed adjustments to their Sunday schedules in May and June,” Lacuna said.

“The walkers, joggers, runners, and bikers will get to see for themselves the results of the road reblocking and improvements underway on Roxas Boulevard. Waste management and public safety measures will be done to ensure the success of our pro-environment, healthy lifestyle activity,” Mayor Lacuna also said. (MANILA PIO)