WAR against poverty and drugs is not over yet as homeless and families of extra judicial killings’ (EJK) victims continue to struggle and being helped by a foundation, known as Arnold Janssen Foundation Kalinga Center.

KALINGA was founded to provide hope and second chances for these people. It is a venue to empower the homeless to turn their lives around. It also provides a holistic, systemic and dignified approach in helping its members turn their lives around. The KALINGA Program is founded on its 3 triptych roles to ““recreate the poor’s image, reclaim their self-respect and restore their self-worth.”

Acronym KALINGA means “Kain, Aral, LIgo NG Ayos lang” Program. A very active participant and member of the foundation is Ms. Anna Donita Tapay, a partner of the foundation, who sponsored the baptism and catechism of participants last Saturday, April 6 at Our Lady of Grace Parish, at 11th Avenue, Caloocan City.

The baptism of around 40 participants were officiated by Rev. Fr. Flavie L. Villanueva, SVD, founder and president of the Arnold Janssen Kalinga Foundation, Inc. and Fr. Eduardo Vasquez, OMI, while catechism of around 17 individuals, was conducted by Ms. Nerva dela Cruz.

“Dito ay magkakaroon kayo ng oportunidad para maayos buhay ninyo. Magkakaroon kayo ng trabaho, edukasyon at magandang kinabukasan na naghihintay sa inyo,” Ms. Tapay told the event’s attendees, who further said that they are but instruments of the Lord for their endeavors.

Under the Foundation is another program. The Paghilom Program’s vision is to re-create and empower lives of the wounded, and victims. It was designed to enable the marginalized, victims of various crimes and incidents, as well as widows, orphans, and family members of extra-judicial killing (EJK) victims to heal and rebuild their lives by assisting them restore their well-being, dignity and peace.

Fr. Villanueva believes that overcoming poverty is not a task of charity, rather it is an act of justice where the poor and the homeless are offered dignified service and care. Then he was also being assisted by Fr. Edicio Dela Torre, a member of Arnold Janssen Foundation Kalinga Center.

Meanwhile, Ms. Tapay said she wants to leave a legacy in the world through her faith, transforming the lives of the people, homeless, marginalized, hopeless, etc. in a holistic transformation approach grounded and guided by the beneficiaries’ values formation.

For those who want to give donation, Arnold Janssen Foundation Kalinga Center, is located at Catholic Trade Building, 1916-Oroqieta Road, Tayuman, Sta. Cruz, Manila.