DOT brings world-renowned Pahiyas from stage to screens

The Department of Tourism (DOT) Calabarzon regional office promises an immersive experience for the Pahiyas Festival which celebrates the beauty of a small, yet rich in culture town of Lucban, Quezon.

In partnership with the municipal government of Lucban, the DOT CALABARZON has launched its experiential tour to give everyone a chance to explore the beauty of Lucban as it marks the end of harvest season. 

Parikitan: the beauty of Lucban

One of the most-awaited events for the Pahiyas is the Parikitan, a fashion show that features terno pieces made from indigenous materials, expertly crafted by local designers.

In an interview with the Philippine Information Agency Calabarzon, Maria Jennifer Babat, municipal tourism officer of Lucban, Parikitan is a testament to the Lucbanins’ creativity and eye for beauty.

“Parikitan features the creations of local designers who dress our women and men in gowns made from indigenous materials,” Babat said.

The festival attracts an average of over 5 million tourists annually, creating a ripple effect that boosts tourism in Lucban and its neighboring towns.

“Really, the winners here are the local businesses because they make new things to sell to tourists. Accommodations are always full during Pahiyas,”

The municipal tourism officer added: “Usually, tourists make their reservations a year in advance for Pahiyas, so we find it difficult to accommodate them. That’s why we refer them to other accommodations in neighboring towns which also add to their tourist arrivals and income.”

Despite falling in the same month as other festivals in Quezon Province, the towns benefit by promoting the festivals as a ‘three-in-one feast of sorts.’

“Tourists usually come over to Pahiyas after celebrating Mayohan (Tayabas), then to Agawan (Sariaya) afterward because our festivals have different concepts. In a way, we are exchanging tourists.”

The municipal government has allotted more than P9,000,000.00 for Pahiyas, P1,000,000.00 of which is allocated for cash prizes alone.

Pahiyas is not complete without the décor competition, which gives away a P200,000 cash prize for the best-dressed home.

Experience Pahiyas

This year, Pahiyas Festival was the centerpiece of the Department of Tourism Region IV-A’s Experiential Tour.

To promote the festival and its exciting activities, the DOT IV-A enlisted some of the country’s most prominent content creators to showcase the festival using immersive short-form videos and eye-catching social media campaigns.

By focusing on authentic portrayals of Pahiyas, the DOT aims to engage with a wider audience and boost tourism in Lucban and CALABARZON.

Travel vlogger Jayvee Manabat had high expectations for this year’s Pahiyas, having been a partner for the DOT’s other Experiential Tours.

“My expectations for Pahiyas Festival were high, anticipating a continuation of Lucban’s vibrant traditions, colorful decorations, and festive atmosphere that make this event a highlight of Philippine culture.”

Having visited Pahiyas for the second time, Manabat remarked that the festival has maintained its unique spirit while offering new experiences for each visit.

“Of course, it’s not Pahiyas without the intricate designs adorning the local houses. It remains the highlight and essence of the celebration.”

Having been a partner of the DOT for years, Manabat said their partnership with content creators helped boost interest in local tourism to the tech-savvy generation.

“Collaborating with the Department of Tourism allows content creators to amplify the visibility of local tourism destinations through engaging and informative content.”

Through the DOT Experiential Tour, guests were provided with an immersive experience of a day in Lucban leading to its most important festival.

“The DOT tour granted us behind-the-scenes access to the festival, allowing us to talk to the organizers and the municipal government which was what we needed in getting the right information that is crucial when we make tourism-related content,” Guiwan said.

Having been introduced to a younger, social media-savvy audience, the Municipal Government of Lucban and the DOT are looking forward to more tourists flocking to their town during Pahiyas to keep its tradition and traits alive for the years to come. (PB/PIA-4A)