DOST lauds Region 1 director For ‘Iddu’ Honor Role Award

THE Department of Science and Technology (DOST) praised and cheered its Region 1 Director, Dr. Teresita A, Tabaog for being recognized as an awardee in the 12th IDDU Honor Role Award for Women.

RD Tabaog’s unwavering dedication to Gender and Development (GAD) has earned her the honor from the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Region 2, showcasing her exemplary leadership and tireless advocacy for equality and progress.

Serving as an institutionalized women’s awarding body in Cagayan Valley, the IDDU Honor Role Award is a testament to the dedication and contributions of exceptional women who have made significant impacts in their communities. Tabaog has been a steadfast champion for development, empowering women, and breaking barriers throughout her career.

Her relentless pursuit of gender equality has not only touched the lives of her constituents but has also paved the way for the path to a brighter and more inclusive future.

“Your dedication, leadership, and unwavering commitment to Gender and Development and as a GAD Mother to all are truly inspiring and your DOST 1 Family are always proud of you,” Tabaog’s colleagues said.

“Iddu” is an Ibanag term that means “loved” and was used to suggest that the award originated in the Premier Ibanag City of the North, Tuguegarao.

It was clarified that the IDDU Award is not an award where the honor is given based on qualification points nor conceived as a competition among women sector but a recognition, as exemplified by the word “role” in its title, of the efforts of the woman-honorees.