DOST 1 collaborates with LGU Vintar to establish bamboo textile hub

THE Department of Science and Technology Region 1 (DOST 1), through the Provincial Science and Technology Office – Ilocos Norte (PSTO-IN), convened with the Mayor of Vintar, Richard Degala, on April 15, 2024 in this municipality.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the establishment of a bamboo textile hub and to explore opportunities for assistance through science, technology, and innovation (STI) in various sectors.

Present were Dr. Teresita A. Tabaog, DOST 1 Regional Director; Brian U. Rasco, Supervising SRS of PSTO-IN; Gerald Gabriel, Senior SRS of PSTO-IN; Sheeren Engada, SRS I of PSTO-IN; Mayor Richard Degala of Vintar; Maricel Serano, Municipal Agriculture Officer of Vintar; and Mr. Jogie Jimenez from the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte ENRO.

Dr. Tabaog provided insights into the specifics required for setting up the Bamboo Textile Hub, as she explained its purpose and potential impact. She inquired about the current status of Vintar’s bamboo industry and the municipality’s ability to support the construction of the hub.

Once operational, the hub’s output would find a market through DOST PTRI, offering a promising income-generating opportunity for the people of Vintar. Degala affirmed the municipality’s unwavering commitment to the initiative, pledging full cooperation and support from the local government.

Further, the dialogue extended to the exploration of Vintar’s diverse agricultural landscape, including its abundant mango and cacao resources. The mayor expressed enthusiasm for revitalizing additional sectors, such as the honey bee and sugarcane industries, with the support of DOST 1’s technical expertise and training programs.

Tabaog assured assistance from DOST 1, offering technical support and training programs for these commodities through initiatives like the Innovation, Science, and Technology for Accelerating Regional Technology-Based Development (iSTART) program.

The iSTART program aims to support the development of local government units (LGUs) by accelerating regional growth through science, technology, and innovation. This will also aid in their science, technology, and innovation (STI) planning processes. The meeting concluded with both parties committing to collaborate closely to advance science, technology, and innovation in Vintar.

DOST 1, through PSTO-IN, reaffirmed its dedication to providing solutions to create more opportunities in the municipality.