‘Balai Banyuhay’: Get to know Valenzuela City’s first drug treatment, rehabilitation center

QUEZON CITY — The local government of Valenzuela CIty on Thursday, March 21, launched the “Balai Banhuyay,” the city’s first drug treatment and rehabilitation facility located in Barangay Punturin. 

The facility’s name originated from the word “balai” which means “home” and “banyuhay” which means “bagong anyo ng buhay” or transformation. 

The establishment of the facility is motivated by the city government’s aim to support the healing and recovery of struggling drug dependents. 

“The Balai Banyuhay’s primary goal is to facilitate an environment exclusively dedicated to the treatment and rehabilitation of individuals grappling with drug dependence; fostering a space for recovery and healing,” said the city government. 

“It is envisioned that through the establishment of “Balai Banyuhay,” Valenzuelanos who underwent severe drug dependence can be rehabilitated and reintegrated as productive members of the community,” it added. 

Valenzuela City Mayor Wes Gatchalian underscored that the Balai Banyuhay will not only be open to in-city residents but also to patients endorsed by neighboring cities. 

“This [drug problem] is an interconnected issue, which transcends the physical borders of our city. That is why we are opening the doors of Balai Banyuhay not just to Valenzuelanos, but also to our neighboring cities,” Gatchalian explained. 

Valenzuela City Mayor Wes Gatchalian leads the ceremonial launch of the “Balai Banyuhay.” (Photo Courtesy: Valenzuela City Public Information Office)

Inside the Balai Banyuhay 

The Balai Banyuhay is a 2,600-square meter drug rehabilitation center with a 100-bed capacity sleeping headquarters, a detoxification section, a medical consultation section, and a psychological section. Its facilities also include a clinical, dental, and drug-testing laboratory. 

On the other hand, the non-medical section comprises a workshop area, lounge area, kitchen, mini garden, multipurpose sports area, lecture rooms, and other offices that will aid in catering to the needs of clients.

Some of the facilities inside the Balai Banyuhay. (Screengrab from the Valenzuela City Public Information Office)

The drug rehabilitation center also offers holistic treatment and intervention programs such as the Therapeutic Community Modality Program, Aftercare Program, Educational Program, Livelihood Program, and Spiritual Program which will be facilitated by 53 trained and client-centric working staff. 

“These programs encompass all of the residents’ needs in their process of recovery,” the city government noted. 

In line with the goal of providing efficient and humane rehabilitative services to people who are currently facing challenges concerning substance abuse, the Balai Banyuhay received its accreditation as a free-standing, residential facility with outpatient service capability from the Department of Health (DOH) on  February 13, 2023. 

What are the requirements for admission? 

The following documentary requirements must be completed for endorsements and voluntary submission of request for admissions: 

  1. Court Order for confinement 
  2. Certificate of Indigency issued by the City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) 
  3. Drug Dependency Examination by a DOH-accredited physician 
  4. Original and photocopy of Birth Certificate
  5. Marriage Contract (if married) 
  6. Barangay Clearance or Certificate of Residency 
  7. Medical Clearance indicating fitness for rehabilitation 
  8. Psychiatric Clearance (if needed) 

The establishment of Balai Banyuhay does not only offer drug dependents a chance to recover but also an opportunity to discover new horizons for a better life. It is built on the hope that by providing support, people who are struggling with substance abuse can ultimately lead a reformed life. 

“While the City of Valenzuela prioritizes a healthy and safe community, it also firmly believes in the grace of a second chance – especially with its resident drug surrenderees seeking reformed lives. Humane, compassionate, and non-discriminatory, the establishment of Balai Banyuhay is not only considered another treatment and rehabilitation facility, but a space that signifies hope for Pamilyang Valenzuelano,” the city government highlighted. 

For more information about the drug treatment and rehabilitation programs and services of the Balai Banyuhay, the Valenzuela Anti-Drug Abuse Council (VADAC) can be reached at 8811-0238(JMP/PIA-NCR)